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    Let's go right to the Word, Psalm 78. "He had rained down manna on them to eat and given them of the bread of heaven. Men ate angels' food. He sent them food to the full". I love this phrase, "Men ate angels' food". And yet "angels' food" is not an accurate word for the Hebrew here. The Hebrew says gibborim, not malakite, which is angel. The usual word for angel in Hebrew is different. So, the word here Young's translation brings out food of the mighty. It's not food of the angels. It's food of the mighty has each eaten. God wants to feed you. God says he fed the children of Israel with the food of the mighty, and what is it? Manna from heaven, manna and bread of heaven. The manna that came every day when they woke up, the Bible says it so beautifully in Numbers 11, verse 9. It says when the dew fell, the manna fell on it.

    Look at this. "When the dew fell on the camp in the night, the manna fell on it". Silent night. When night came, that's when Jesus was born. When the dew fell, the favor of God is like the dew. The manna did not fall on the ground. It fell on the dew fresh. It was never dirty. It never fell on the ground. It fell on the dew. The dew is the favor of God. It's a picture of Jesus, the manna that came from heaven. Remember what Jesus told the people? "Your fathers ate manna". He told the people of Israel, "Your fathers ate manna an they're dead, but I am the living bread from heaven. If a man eat of me, he will never die".

    Now think about it, what death was he talking about? First and foremost, he's telling them your fathers ate manna in the desert, but they died. How did they die? They died physically. It's very obvious. But then he says, "I am the true living bread from heaven, that if a man eat of me, he will never die. He will never die". Wow. And then later on he says, "Whoever use the word in the Greek, whoever chews my flesh and drinks my blood, unless you chew my flesh and drink my blood, you have no life in you".

    Now, that sounds very much, a lot of people use this passage as a expression of believing in Jesus, but Jesus was very specific. He talked about his body, eating his body and his blood. I feel like we have missed something here. Yes, you don't get born again by eating Communion, but you get his life every time you partake, his overcoming life, his royal life, his disease-free life. Every time you partake, the life of the flesh is in the blood, amen? And that life is available for you and me through the Communion. The whole fall of man came because of eating. If Adam did not eat, man will still be in paradise in the Garden of Eden. Man will still enjoy freedom from lack, freedom from disease, freedom from aging, from growing old. Man will still enjoy the presence of the Lord every evening when the Lord walks with Adam and Eve. It all came about, this fall, aging, disease, death, it all came about because of Adam's eating, that one act of eating. I believe God has ordained that by one act of eating, we eat our way back, amen?

    Now, I'm not saying born again. You get born again by putting your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ but the consequences of the fall, death, weakness, depression, you name it, all the curses that we see in the world today and death finally, all those effects can be offset by eating the Lord's Supper. I really believe that. I really believe that. You know the early church, they ate from house to house to house to house. Have you read that? Imagine I go to your house, your house, all right? So, I say let's have Communion so you won't so much.

    Now, if I take Communion in your house, then we go to Pastor Lawrence house, okay, next. I just broke Communion in your house. I broke bread, they call it broke bread in the early church. Now, I'm eating at Pastor Lawrence house. Then from Lawrence house, we go to Akao's house, all right, then to Sister Jennifer's house. Whatever it is, every day they went from house to house, they broke bread. You will say probably it's not, I mean we've done it just now, we don't have to break bread from house to house. We have done it already, once a day is enough. Just think how radical that is and yet we think we are radical. In one day, they could break bread a number of times, amen? I just believe the more you eat, the stronger you become. The more you eat, the healthier you become. The more you eat, the younger you become. It's the fountain of youth, amen, amen? I believe it with all my heart. Thank you, Jesus.

    And I feel in my spirit that there are people here who are desperate. All right, they have prayed, they've asked God but, you know, God has ways, the ways he ordained like just like your wife has a love language, amen. You need to understand the love language. You don't buy, you know, a household appliance on her birthday, amen. Say "Darling, I love you so much. I just thought would, you know". 'Cause that spells no romance, a lot of work. So, you speak her language. Doesn't like flowers, some girls don't like flowers, don't give her flowers, amen? What does she like, an evening of romance, candlelight dinner?

    Okay, do it, but you don't think in terms of yourself, you think in terms of the other person. The same with God. God's love language is we receive Communion because, "As often as you do this, you remember me". Imagine someone telling you, "You know, can you do this for me often? Can you please make sure that as I leave the house, make sure that this plant that I like so much is always watered. Do this in remembrance of me". Would you do it? Yeah, he left and then he gave one commandments some more, you know? No, you think if you love the person, you won't even think it's a commandment, amen? And then the area of prospering, in the area of provision is our life, we know that the Bible says even in the book of New Testament on the Lord's day, each man set aside as God has prospered him. That's in the New Testament. Every Lord's day, every Sunday, set aside as the Lord's prospered you.

    So, we have the 10%, which is the minimum that God has put, no senior partner ask for 10%, but there is love language throughout the Bible, throughout the Bible, it's his love language. You don't have to have a new complete new commandment I tell you even in New Covenant, you must tithe. There's no such commandment because new covenant is not about that. It's about a love response but those who say that, "I give everything to the Lord, you know, I don't believe the 10% of the Old Testament, I give". Look, many of them don't even give the 10%. So, 10% is still there, people, but it's an expression of love. It's his language. That means, "You remember that I am the one behind your prosperity. I am the one blessing you with this new house. I'm the one blessing you with this promotion. I'm the one".

    You acknowledge that by the tithe. It's his love language, not ours. We say, "I don't understand this. Why must I do this often, you know"? And the Bible says when the manna came, the children of Israel said manhu in Hebrew, manhu, manhu. Say manhu. That means manna, literally it means manna, not manna where? It means manna, what is it? What is this? What is this? What is this? And Jesus came in a New Testament and he says what? "I am the living bread". They did not know what the living bread meant, but I tell you what happened to Israel in the 40 years in the desert. They got accustomed to the manna and in Numbers 11, you look at this in Numbers 11, same chapter you go back. It says, "They complained saying, 'We remember the fish, which we ate freely'".

    Number one, they never ate freely. They were slaves. We all have short memories when it comes to our depression, our bad relationships that God delivered us out from. We always think of the good times after we are out of it. We forget all the constant quarreling, bickering, and all that kind of thing. It's a good thing that God delivered you from that guy, not talking about those in marriage. We bicker also, right, amen? I'm talking about people who are dating, sometimes your heart is broken because God allowed you that relationship to come down into a breakdown because he loves you, amen. Not every bad thing outwardly looks back is bad. Some disappointments are God's appointments.

    If you never let go of that relationship, you'll never meet somebody new that God has for you, amen. But we are accustomed to what is familiar. Sometimes our chains, we are in bondage, our chains are so familiar, we can trace every line on it. The more that we are released from the chain, we go back to the chain again. It was said that when after released many of the prisoners in Philippians, they were in caves. They were hiding in caves. And there were chains like bars that lock them in. And when he released them out of the prison doors, a prison, they came out. After for a while, they all went back in again, why? Because their eyes are not accustomed to sunlight. They are accustomed to the darkness.

    You know, you can get so bound that you get used to your addiction, you get used to your depression, you get used to your sickness, you get used to the darkness. God has something better for you out there. Light might hurt before it sets you free, but that's because your bondage is reacting to the light. Your eyes are reacting to the light. Just wait a while, freedom is much better, hallelujah. Are y'all with me so far, people, amen? So, they said, "We remember the fish which we ate freely in Egypt, the cucumbers, the melons, the leeks, the onions, and the garlic".

    Do you count all the number of food there? Exactly six, number of men. Fish, cucumbers two. Melons, three. Leeks, four. Onions, five. Garlic, six. And all these things when you eat, everyone knows you have eaten them. They come near you, they know that you have eaten it. So, as children of God, if we feed on other stuff than the Word of God than Christ in the Word, we're not listening to messages that unveil Christ because he's the true living bread. If we are listening, we're feeding on the news all the time, news is bad, man. I tell you everything is bad. Now something necessary to hear the news, I understand to find out what the haze condition is like, what is the, you know, if your career is tied up with the news, the latest in the stock market, whatever it is, you need to be kept abreast.

    I understand that, but a lot of it is unnecessary. A lot of the doom and gloom in the world will pull you down into depression. Make sure that on your way to work, what are you listening to, amen? Don't listen to doom and gloom, amen, because these are the leeks, onions, garlics of the world. Listen and feed on the leading bread, amen. Listen to Joseph Prince preaching. It's not bad, you know? And I'll tell you, there are people whose lives are changed. I'm gonna read the testimony right now. One of the latest ones, one from a brother in our church.

    In 2017, doctors identified 16 nodules in my mom's thyroid, and two of them were suspected as cancerous. When my mom did her second scan for her thyroid some months later, they found 19 nodules, inclusive of the same two nodules with suspicious activity. She had to have all the nodules removed and she lost her voice completely. In the beginning of the year, my mom and I had attended Vision Sunday in New Creation Church and heard your message about the year of Jubilee. You mentioned that even if our beginning is bad, our ending will surely be victorious. The doctor told us that it was possible that my mom might get her voice back after six months, although some never regain their voice. We chose not to accept that report but to partake of the Holy Communion and declare that we have a big Jesus who exceeds our expectations and over blesses us.

    I love his language.

    My mom will sing praises to the Lord, even in a state where her singing could hardly be heard. Within three weeks, her voice was completely restored 120%. It became much stronger. The year of Jubilee brought victory in every area of our lives. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching the gospel of grace and impacting so many lives.

    Praise the name of Jesus, hallelujah. Now, listen, there's another one here. "I was a drug addict". This is a lady from Alabama. If you are from Alabama, United States, this lady's from there. And she says:

    I was a drug addict for 15 years. I took up to 30 pain pills every day. I also smoked crack most days and took meth. In addition, I took two other tranquilizers along with all that. I love God and was saved, but I thought God couldn't possibly love me due to the drug use and all the lying and immoral things I did to maintain my addiction. It wasn't until I went to jail and spent 30 days inside that my life changed. I had gotten arrested for the first time ever and got myself two felonies. In the 30 days of solitary confinement I had only one thing to read, the Bible, so I read it. When I left of the 30 days, I had read and believed I wasn't hated by God. On the first day of my release, my sister introduced me to Pastor Joseph Prince.

    Now, it's always like people who find my app or they find something, or watch a TV show, you know, in America, I never fail to be amazed by people who are flipping through a channel. You know how many channels they have in America? It's so crazy. Even as I say it, they have added another one, right? But to find me, and more than one testament, they find me and they hear exactly at the right time what they need to hear. That is really, you know, something if people say bad things about you, it doesn't really, like one thing when God recommends the church or the pastor, I'm always warmed by that. It gives me such comfort to know that the Lord... in this case, the sister was used by God, amen? And let's see what happened.

    I watched him the first time in September 2013. He was preaching about grace, and for the first time in my 15-year addiction, I didn't feel so condemned. From that day on, I watched Pastor Prince every single day. He preached the truth and gave verses upon verses of all how much I was loved and forgiven. For three months, I stayed at my parents' house and watched his program, and I was able to clean out a lifetime of wrong thinking. Pastor Prince saved my life (we all know it's Jesus) by helping me to discern the Bible. When you believe right, you will live right. I have been clean for five years now, and I'm now living for the first time in my life. I'm now living for the first time. I thank Jesus every single day for saving me. He's now my best friend. I lead a life of condemnation that kept me in bondage for so much of my life, but not anymore. I am the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ, and my life has never been so good. I'm a paramedic here and was throughout my addiction. God allowed me to keep my paramedic license. Both of the felonies were dismissed. After three years of court proceedings, not only am I freed from addictions, but my depression is gone as well. Pastor Prince, thank you so much. I still watch you every morning.

    Praise God. Thank you, Jesus. Hallelujah. To God be the glory and all the praise, amen. God is so good, people. God is so good. And yet the people of Israel said, "We remember the fish which we ate freely in Egypt, the cucumbers". In some place of the world they call it cucumbers. The melons, the leeks, the onions, and the garlic, all these food are backbreaking kind of job to pick it up because they are all food of the ground, melons, fish, cucumbers, melons, oh, I mentioned already, onions, garlic, they're all food of the ground. Whereas the food of the Promised Land that flows of milk and honey is easy for you to pick. It's all at this level. You can pick pomegranate. You can pick grapes. You can pick anything that is just at your level. It's all the food, even the the wheat, when the wheat is ready for harvest, amen, it is this tall, amen?

    By the way, the more mature the wheat, the lower it bows. It's the young wheat that is... you know? What I'm trying to say is that when your grain, the grain of your head of the wheat is full, I mean there's something in your head. When you are mature, you're humble. When you are not, your grain is not full, you are. Who are you to teach me, you know? I know everything, okay? That's just free. But now they say, "Now our whole being is dried up. There is nothing at all except this manna before our eyes"! The Message Bible says, "There's nothing in front of us but manna, manna, manna, manna, manna. Manna, manna, manna".

    All right, they say that can you imagine food from heaven, food of the mighty has become for them nothing but our soul is dried up. There's nothing in front of us but, "You know, I don't understand, Pastor Prince always preach about Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Any other sermon"? No, friend, it's all about him, but every time you hear him, there's something fresh, something powerful for your life. Amen, when you see him, you're transformed. When you see him, you're fed. When you see him, you're delivered. When you see him, you are healed. When you see him, you're transformed from glory to glory. Even your marriage can be transformed just by looking at Jesus. The problem is the devil is trying to distract us from looking to him, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of faith, looking away even from all the great heroes of faith.

    In Hebrews 11, by faith Abraham, by faith Moses, by faith Joshua, by faith, by faith, by faith. Look away from all of them. The next chapter says, looking unto Jesus alone. Looking unto Jesus. They all failed, Jesus never, amen? So, any sermon that puts Jesus in front of you, thank God for it. Nothing but Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. You know what happened to them? At the end of this chapter, there's a place now in the wilderness called Kibroth-Hattaavah. Kibroth, it means the graves. Hattaavah means cravings or sins, sins of lust. They crave for something more than manna. They all died and they were buried in the wilderness. You thought that that's over, right?

    This is Numbers, right, the Book of Numbers. But you drop down, go the next few chapters to chapter 21. "Then the Lord said to Moses", and that's already happened, something else happened in the wilderness. There was an earlier chapter, same book, but here we have the wandering. And then here, there was a necessity for God to tell Moses, "The Lord said to Moses, make a fiery serpent, and set it on a pole, and it shall be that everyone who is bitten, when he looks at it, he shall live". Make a fiery serpent, put it on the pole.

    And if you look carefully, right, the pole like this and there's a cross so that the snake can coil around it. Are you with me so far? And Jesus told Nicodemus in John 3, "As Moses lifted up the serpent, the Son of Man must be lifted up". He is that fiery serpent, that bronze serpent that was made by Moses, by Moses because God instructed him and to put on the cross. It's a picture of what is to come when Jesus dies on the cross. Whoever looks on him shall live. Doesn't matter how you look, you can look with blue eyes, brown eyes, black eyes, doesn't matter. It's not your eyes, it is him. Look away from your symptoms. Look away from your darkness. Look away from your condition. Look away from your lostness to his saving power, amen. Look to him alone. Can I have a good amen?

    And who so looketh live. There were those who look at their snake bite, all right, but what happened? What happened that God protected them throughout the wilderness experience? So, what happened that caused the snakes to come in? Amen, the snakes are always in the desert, and those are fiery serpents. It means when they bite you, you feel fire in your veins. I mean, it's fiery serpent, poisonous, and they always there in the desert, but it never hurt them until something happened. Look at this verse in the same chapter, few verses before. "And the people spoke against God and against Moses, 'Why have you brought us out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? For there is no food and no water, and our soul loathes this worthless bread.' So the Lord sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people, and many of the people of Israel died".

    The reason I'm showing you this is because all these things happened as an example for us. We can learn that Jesus on the cross, the fiery serpent on the cross, is a picture of what? Healing, right? Yes, salvation as well as healing, okay? Jesus on the cross, amen, the snake on the cross. There are those who argue that today the medical emblem of the snake on the cross is occultic and all that, but it's interesting that there's like a rod and there's a snake for the medical emblem, amen? So, they were bitten by snakes, and the remedy is to look to the cross. Actually, the manna they were eating is also Jesus, a type of Christ. Had they eaten and not complained about it, they'd been kept healthy.

    How about the snakes? Kept far. There are a lot of snakes in this world, a lot of snakes about to bite you, that will bite you with this disease, bite you with that sickness, that disease, that disease. I don't care how many diseases they are in the world, you can take blood test after blood test after blood test, it will never be enough. Even after you take a thorough blood test, four or five months will come very fast and then your mind go and start playing again, maybe you need another blood test.

    Okay, I'm not saying don't go for blood test. I'm just telling you, there are a lot of diseases out there. Are you gonna focus on every one of them, every garlic, onion and all that, and try to feed on these things, or look to Jesus alone as the answer? Regardless of what you have, Jesus is the answer. But instead of that, you know what it said? There's no food and no water, which is not true at all. Every time they needed water, water was there, and how did they describe the manna? Our soul loathes. What an expression. "We loath this worthless bread".

    The word worthless is the root word for the word curse, which is making light of, qalal. There are a few words for curse. One is arar, one is qalal. And these are two main ones. Qalal means to make light. You know, when you make light of what your wife said or what your husband said, you make light of what your children said, you know, you are actually cursing them. Whereas glory, the word glory is kabowd, weightiness. When you give weight, weightiness to them and their words, you take time to listen to them, eyes and ears, you're giving them glory. You're clothing them with glory, amen? So, making light, the word "making light". So, they say that King James Version says, "Our soul loathes this light bread". They called the manna light bread.

    So, we have Communion. You know, some people say everyday Communion, every Sunday Communion, Communion, Communion, Communion, amen? Church, I'm radical about it because I think the church has fallen far short. I think we are probably the only church I know, amen. In many, there are many other churches doing that, I'm sure, right, but this is the only church I know, in this region, that does it every Sunday, that I know of, probably a few brethren churches does it. I'm sure that we are not the only one in Singapore, all right, but as far as I know, every Sunday radical, believing God for healing, amen, we are probably the only one, you know?

    So, I'm not saying that our church is better or what, no, no, no, no. I want this teaching to go out there, hence this book, amen, hence my teaching on Communion. I really want to get the Word out there. There's a lot of hurting broken people out there, and there are people who want to make money, yes, you know, through diet and all kinds of food. I'm not negating good eating. I am for good eating, but, you know, you cannot get from creation that has fallen what can only be provided by redemption. Okay, so the Lord sent fiery serpents. It's interesting, isn't it, that there's food for the champion, there's food for the mighty, and it's Jesus.

    By the way, when you study the Word of God, I'm gonna teach you some practical stuff right now. When you study the Word of God, make sure you get food out of it, and the way you get food out of it is to see Christ in it, the way Jesus described it in, the way he did it, elucidated it for us in the Road of Emmaus, right? He expound things concerning himself. Now, how do you do that? And it's important to realize that when God gives even commandments, it is there to unveil Christ, and it's there for our good.

    For example, let's say you go to the Old Testament, which is still valid for reading today, amen, to learn lessons from, amen? Though the law, we're not under law, but we are under grace, amen. The morality that under grace is greater than the law, the law says don't steal, grace says from within, it gives you a compassion, all right, for the poor, and to give to them. The law doesn't say give, the law says don't steal. You can don't steal all day long, all month long, all week, year long, and still not be a practical blessing generous person. Don't commit adultery. You can don't commit adultery and have no love for your wife, amen?

    So, it is passive. It is negative. Don't, don't, don't is negative. What is positive is grace makes you do much more than the morality of the law. It's moral excellence. Our walk today is after Christ. I gotta do it. "Amen, Pastor Prince, praise God". God bless you, bro. Okay, now, food is good. Singaporeans love to eat, right? Amen, you are what you eat. Do y'all break fast? Do y'all break fast, breakfast? Break fast is actually means you didn't eat for a long time, but some of you sleep very late and you eat late. You didn't break fast. You had a breakfast, but you didn't break fast. We love to eat, right? So, God wants you to eat but eat the right thing. For the past few months, like I said, I love drinking milk until I weighed myself finally last two days, and my wife says, "You're putting on weight".

    And I went up and I realized I put on 3 to 4 kg for the past few months. So, I'm gonna try my best by the grace of God - trying your best won't work it. I'm the righteousness of God in Christ and it will be done in Jesus's name. But I love drinking milk before I sleep, I just love it. So, food is okay. How many understand food is okay? It should be given thanks for, amen. Singaporeans, you love to eat, right? Physically you're what you eat, spiritually you are what you eat. If you eat, feed on junk all the time, the garlics of the world, the onions of the world, you feed on all the, you know, it's one thing... see I gotta talk about what you feed on and there is MTV. There's all these different, you know, social media you can go on and one of the first thing people do is that they pick up and they go to their Facebook or whatever. They look at all the social media that's available for them, that's recommended to them.

    Do you know that everything is created to get your attention as fast as it can. A lot of diversions out there, a lot of leeks, garlic, onions, fish out there, the food of Egypt. You don't watch it. Push aside all those things. When you wake up, read the Word of God. Read the daily devotional. Get the Word. Have a quiet time, amen. I was studying just now, I want to be practical, how to read the Word of God. For example, you look at the Old Testament, it says this in Deuteronomy 25, verse 4, "You should not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain".

    So, God cares for oxen? Does the God of the universe who created the stars, the planets, amen, this amazing God, does he care for oxen? That he says, "You owners of oxen, when they tread out the grain, you know they go around and round the meal", have you seen that before? And as they move around, they crush the stone, will crush the millets or the grain and then you have flour, right? So, the cow will go through it. And then there's a lot of grain. There's a lot of fresh grass or whatever, you know, that is harvested on the floor and even corn and all that. Don't muzzle, don't muzzle their mouth. Allow them to eat as they go along. Allow them to eat.

    And I think that if we have people who are helpers, we're very privileged in Singapore to have people who are helpers, right? Let them eat as they serve. "But mine eat all the time, pastor, you can see". Let them eat, amen? If they are strong, they are healthy, all right, it's to your benefit. If they are sick and no energy, it's to your disadvantage. Be kind. All right now, I'm getting from here. So, I'm reading "Thou shall muzzle an ox when it is treading out the grain". Now, what is that? That just means kind to your animals, amen? Allow the ox to eat. This is the law. This was a Mosaic law and in Deuteronomy, it's just a statement like this.

    Look what Paul did when Paul read the Bible. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 9:9, "For it is written in the law of Moses, you shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain". Is it oxen God is concerned about? Now, we are teaching you how to read the Bible. When you read the Bible, even the Old Testament, always read to find Jesus number one. Number two, always remember it's for your profit, it's for your good. Then he says this. Now, he's teaching this to people who are what they call full timers or people who are out there as pastors, leaders, elders, and those who are preaching the Word of God. It is not a Word that always brings in rewards, amen? It is a work that is tiring. It's a work that is ongoing all the time, amen. A pastor will feel like in his study, he's going around studying, studying like a big ox, you know, going around round, round, round like big ox, amen.

    I know I'm not big ox, right? Amen, say amen. Amen, forget about the, you know, so you feel like you're studying all the time. And here Paul says, "Is it oxen God is concerned about"? To the wisdom of the Holy Spirit he says, or does God say it altogether for our sakes? "For our sakes, no doubt, this is written, that he will plow should plow in hope, and he who threshes in hope should be partaker of his hope". God is writing this to teach us to take care of people who preach the Word to you. Next verse, "If we have sown spiritual things for", and Paul is including himself, "If we have sown spiritual things in you, is it a big thing if we reap material things"? That's what it's saying. Is it a great thing if we reap your material things?

    Some people drive a car around the road so many times, and they get millions of dollars. I'm going around with the Word of God, the eternal Word of God that transforms your life, your life with your children, and your future for all eternity. And yet, the world does not want to allow you, amen. Now, I'm not saying this for my benefit. No, no, no, no, I'm not drawing a salary from this church so I'm free to say this. For all the pastors that watching, for all the board members, for all the different ones that, you know, to change the mentality. And I'm not for that kind of prosperity that talks about, you know, you give 1,000 you get 10,000 You give 10,000, you get 1 million. I've never preached like that. That is nonsense, but I do go by what God's Word says. Beloved, I wish above all things that you'll prosper and be in health, even as your souls prosper.

    So, one person can renounce prosperity and all that, but I agree. I agree that I've never even preached that kind of prosperity, glitter and gold everything, you know, to show you how blessed I am. I'm never felt that. There's nothing wrong with me drawing a salary from this church, but for testimony's sake, for testimony's sake so that mouths can be silenced and for the good of this church because I know you're under the radar all the time with your colleagues, your friends, and all that, you can tell them your pastor doesn't draw any salary from the church.

    You know something, you know something? In America, they draw from their intellectual property, their books, their CDs, and all that kind of thing, and they are still pastors that draw salary from their church, so many of them. But I choose not to here in Singapore, why? The Lord told me to, not because my board is not generous. I got the best board that doesn't deserve to be nailed to the board and when you're with them, you're never bored unless one or two of them start talking for too long. I'm telling you, it's something the Lord told me. God took care of me all these years so that I have the moral authority to be able to help other pastors, and we are helping pastors all over the world, you know that, amen? Can I have a good amen, church? Is this helping you? Praise the Lord.

    So, "if we have sown spiritual things for you, is it a great thing if we reap your material things"? That car that goes round and round is he... why must you be so cover the guy's mouth? Don't eat, just go around. Give me every grain. You'd be surprised there are people who are wealthy who are very stingy. One of the biggest celebrities right now in America, just, you know, I don't know when he became a believer, but he started a church. I won't mention his name, and he started a church and he started saying, "You know, I started a church because I wanted", he got impacted by the gospel obviously, "And I want to preach, my pulpit is to preach that I have achieved great fame and fortune".

    And he's very famous, probably in the top 20 top celebrities, okay? And he says this, "I want a pulpit to tell people that fame and fortune does not satisfy". And yet there are preachers going around, you know, teaching the extreme of prosperity. So folks, let me just tell you right now fame, being famous and prosperity does not satisfy. Sometimes I wish I'm not well known. It's very peaceful when you're not well known. You eat quietly. You shop quietly. You move quietly. Kiss your wife publicly. No worry, can argue sometimes publicly. No one looking. You know, I'm telling you, you long for that fame and fortune you see in the lives, it's not peaceful at all. Many of them they, you know, I don't want to go into all that, just to let you know, fame and fortune doesn't satisfy, but God will prosper you so that you have more than enough to be a blessing to many, amen, amen?

    And if God does give you a notoriety in your business, God gives you a platform to speak from, an influence, increase your influence, it is so that he can reach more people for the glory of his Son, that they will know him and know that he loves them and be impacted by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your career is just a means to an end, amen? And there's no telling what God would do to your career, to your life, to your ministry, if your objective is to glorify his Son, amen? It's not just, "Prosper me, prosper me". It's not that kind of teaching. I've never taught that. It's not just prosper me, it's prosper so that you have more than enough to be a blessing, amen.

    So okay, praise God. So that, what a fine example of showing and showing us that a law from Deuteronomy 24, verse 5 can be something that Paul looked at and said, "Wow, I see God's love for the ministers that are out there preaching the Word, including himself". And that's why in 1 Timothy, and let's look at 1 Timothy says, "Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honor". In the New Living Translation it says be well paid, be paid well. And that's the word their in double honor, and the word double is double pay actually, especially those who work hard at both preaching and teaching, let them be doubly paid. Churches that are listening to this, let your pastors be doubly paid, amen. It's in the Bible, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching, amen.

    So, now you know why I have this authority to speak, right? I want to bless all the pastors and churches around the world because there's this extreme teaching on prosperity. Now people are so afraid that they don't want to help their pastors anymore, right? Don't let the fear of Egypt come into the house of Zion, amen. Praise the Lord. I don't know why I'm preaching this, but it's good. It's all good. Praise God. What do you eat? What kind of food do you eat? In Leviticus 7, now, can y'all take Leviticus? "What is that, pastor"? I don't want to be under the curse. No, Leviticus is not a curse. Leviticus is the word in Hebrew to draw near. "Yes, go ahead, Pastor". Are y'all for it?

    Let's deal with the kind of food they ate. One offering is called peace offering. You bring the lamb, the lamb is, you lay hands on the lamb, right, and the lamb is killed, and it's offered on the altar. It's called shelamim. Shelamim means, it's plural for peace in every area, wholeness in every area of your life. It's the word shalom multiplied, shelamim, means you have prosperity in your body. And it's the word prosperity as well. It's the word wholeness in your body, not only that, in your mind. Literally, it's not just peace, it is peace's offering, the plural, in every area of your life, relationship and all that.

    When you offer, you learn to offer this offering, amen? And this offering is not compulsory. It is something that when you feel that God has done something in your life in the Old Testament, of course, they bring this offering to God. So, let's study this offering. It's called the peace offering. It should be what? Peace's offering, because in the Hebrew it's plural. Look at his, "His own hands shall bring the offerings", and the verse before this established that it is the peace offering, "made by fire to the Lord". Say the fat with the breast. Say the fat with the breast shall he bring, that the breast may be waved as a wave offering before the Lord. So, they killed the animal.

    Watch this, it's not a sin offering, not a sin offering. Sin offering I have to bring when I sin, so I bring my peace offering, my lamb, studies, the priest studies the animal, no blemish, okay. He gives me the knife, I kill it. I lay my hands on it first, and then I kill it. Now, this lamb is put on the altar, and it's dissected in different parts, but the breasts, the best part is the fat of the animal. That's burned on the altar. The fat, "the priest shall burn the fat on the altar", verse 31, "but the breast shall be the high priest's and his sons who are priests. The breast shall be Aaron's and his sons".

    So, the breast part after it's cooked, it's not cooked actually, it's burned, all right, but it's as good as cooked, right? You know what happens to the breast meat? The breast is given to the priests, the high priests first, and then it's food for the champion, and it's food for all the sons of Aaron. Do you know that you're all sons of Aaron today? Now, the type he is referring to Jesus who is Aaron, our heavenly Aaron, and Aaron back then was the high priest. Who is our high priest today? Jesus. And his sons? All of us. Okay, got it?

    What belongs to us, first of all it belongs to our high priest. Do you know that he was the one that was sacrificed on the cross as our peace offering? But what about him, when you read the Bible, do you look out for? You look out for his love. You look out for his love. When you see just now thou shall not muzzle the ox, you see his love and his care for people that are serving him, amen? You see, you look out for Jesus, but what are you look out for in Jesus? His love because his love is your food. So, they ate the lamb. Who is the lamb today? Jesus Christ. "Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world". So, today our food that makes us strong is eating of his love.

    Back in the old testament, they literally ate the breast meat. You know, y'all eat chicken, right? Chicken Rice is my favorite dish, by the way, and I love chicken rice. I love the fried one and once in a while, I go for the white one, you know? But I love Chicken Rice. Let's go, come ah. Y'all give me a treat, amen. How many like to give me a treat? Come on. All right, can give me a treat already, come on. Chicken Rice come in what? Leg or breast, right? Do you want to leg or the breast? So, back then I just touched on the fat. You keep on reading, the next verse says the leg, the leg is also roasted, amen. It's a picture of Jesus's love and Jesus's strength.

    How many know that the right thigh, or the right shoulder in this peace offering, is the strongest part? Because the animal for them, there's no thigh or shoulder. It's the same, it's the strongest part here and it's burned. And you know what they do after that? They take the breast meat that's cooked, that's burned before the Lord, God had accepted it and they do this is called wave offering. It's a wave offering, got it? All right, and then they think the thigh that's cooked, you know what they do? The heave, it's called heave offering, they're doing this. Can you see something? Yeah, very good.

    I love New Creation Church, amen. Praise God. That's why I'm the pastor of this church because I love this church. They make me smart, hallelujah, amen. Even when you look at them, they all look intelligent but everybody is or not, I don't know but they look intelligent, amen. I look down, at Pastor Lawrence and Pastor Mark and their mouth will be slightly open. Wah man, I'm telling you that's intelligence because they are receiving. You ever see the little birdies when the mother bring back the worm? And once a while, once a while I see Pastor Lawrence do a... I hope they're still eating, amen.

    The breast shall be Aaron's and his sons, Aaron's and his sons. You are what you eat. You are what you eat. They feed on the love of Jesus, not only that, Jesus himself feeds on his love. You know what... is love? He feeds on the fact he loves you. He enjoys, that means that tells me his food is to love you. His nourishment, his enjoyment is to love you. Eating, it start out with enjoyment in the Bible. He enjoys loving you. Oh, think about that, people. He enjoys loving you so much so that for him all the sacrifice is nothing compared to the joy set before him in loving you. So, he feeds on his own breast, and then his sons feed. We feed on his love for us. He feeds on his love for us.

    You are listening to preaching from Leviticus, you know? Leviticus, some some of them, the Christians their pages of Leviticus is all tight, stuck together. No one dares to read this. "Cut this, cut that. Don't drink this, don't drink that". You know, Leviticus, the Book of... now you understand something from Leviticus, amen. Jesus, I'm boasting right with a friend. Hey friend, you know why the breast down here or not? Make sure it's the right kind of context, okay? The love, like John leaned on Jesus's bosom. He was feeding on Jesus's love for him. Oh, hallelujah. So, make sure you read the Bible, you start getting bogged down with all the different preaching that doesn't unveil his love but instead, you feel like God's judgment is on you.

    You can read the Bible and still misinterpret, but Paul saw something that others didn't see, that God cares for the oxen. And who is this oxen? Amazing. Are you with me so far? Unless something else, not only the Word of God unveils, you know, the truth that we are talking about. Like with the peace offering, eating of Jesus, where do you find his love? In the Scriptures, amen? We find this book telling us how much he loves us, so we feed on the Word of God, but we also feed on Communion.

    Next time you take Communion, take it in love knowing that he loves you. Don't take it like, "I'm going to do Communion. I have to do Communion. I'm a new creation, therefore I have to do Communion". You have that kind of attitude, you know, you missed it. It must be a revelation that you are receiving Communion. And who is giving? Jesus. Imagine him every day in your house getting ready, right in the morning. Don't take in the morning, he's still waiting for you to receive. Have you spent time with him? Always seem like that and it will not become a ritual. It will not become legalistic. It is something you receive not something you do. Abraham received from Jesus. The bread and wine was in Jesus's hands. He received from Jesus, amen, amen.

    So, when you receive and you eat, just know that he loves you. "This is my body broken for you". Think of that two words, those two words, "for you", for you. "My body was broken for you. My blood was shed". What was it for? For you, amen? Feel the love of God. Don't just eat it like magic, you know? That's why I thank God that this book is available so that all the compressed wisdom down through the years that God has unveiled during the Holy Communion can be put in the book, and people can read, amen, and find themself knowing the most important truths about this and feeling on it. And one of the experience I have in going through the book is that I feel like God loves me, more and more the conviction that the Lord loves me.

    So, feed on his love every time you think about Communion, just feed on his love. Not just by his stripes I'm healed, but why did he take those stripes? See him being beaten, scourged. By his stripes, I am healed. By his stripes, your blood pressure is healed. By his stripes, your headache is gone. By his stripe, your liver is made whole. By his stripe, no more kidney troubles. By his stripe, your heart is made whole. The Lord is strengthening your heart. You have a heart of a young man, amen, 120% restoration. And the Bible says that they partook of the Lord's Supper, pass over the very first Passover in Egypt, and the next day they came out, not one feeble among them.

    The word "feeble" there is also the word for none of them limped as they went out. It's the Hebrew word also for limp. None of them had leg problems. Because they were slaves, they all worked day in and day out, injured their back, their legs and all that and now no back problem and they can walk straight. You know, out of the three million people how many were old people? They were there for years, people, many old people and they all walked straight. We have not touched yet, you know, the fullness. "Why, can I just take, Pastor Prince, without knowing the teaching"? Because God works everything with faith.

    Faith is the currency of heaven. If you go to Japan, you must have yen, amen. You go to European countries, you must have euro, amen? Am I right? The dealings of God is you show God your faith, he'll show you the supply. And faith don't just come by saying, "I have faith, I have faith". Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God or reading the book. You're hearing the Word of God that's declared in the book. The reason I recommend my book because I know myself. I know there's no bones in it. All right, don't mistaken, this is not the Bible. You must read the Bible, amen. But in case you get misconstrued, misconstrued a verse or mistranslate another verse, there's this book to help you, amen?

    So, I want you to really understand revelation is so important. There must be a freshness to the revelation. You know, when they ate the peace offering, listen, listen, I'm coming to a close, and God is doing something already in people's lives. You know, I do not know who you are, but when you heard about the nodules in the throat, God dissolved your nodule. Go back to the doctor, tell the doctor, all right, to check, test your nodule, amen? You'll find that you have been healed. Please write to the church, don't just enjoy it. I meet people all the time outside and they tell me testimonies and I say, "Did you write to the church"? "No", not all of them, okay, not all of them but, no. But so many more testimonies out there, please write to us and let us know.

    Now, just one truth before I release you. Notice that the breasts, which is Aaron's and his sons, keep the freshness of this truth in your heart. Feed on the love of Jesus. You know why? There's a commandment given to them. Once you have the breast meat, you can eat it today and tomorrow. Let's drop down to that. All right, "The flesh or the sacrifice of his peace or peaces offerings for Thanksgiving shall be eaten the same day it is offered. He shall not leave it until morning".

    Now, notice the peace offering is called the peace offering of the Thanksgiving. That's the Eucharist, the Communion. The Communion is called Eucharist because in Greek Eucharist means Thanksgiving. Do you see that? It's a picture of Communion. So, when you partake, you must eat the meat on the same day. For them, they must eat the same day. What does that tell you? Eat the Lord's Supper as if, when you take the bread, as if he just died just now. He died this, just now. Don't partake as if oh, he died 2,000 years ago, so long ago, you know? Keep to the freshness of it and also the freshness of the revelation.

    You know, I don't like to sound preachy and all that. That's why it's important for you to have teachings about the Communion that saturate you, especially when you're going through a trial, a physical trial of faith because you're keeping fresh the truths. It's not I'm living by what I used to know truths. It's faith doesn't come by having heard the Word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing. It's a fresh, amen. You cannot be sustained by the memory of chicken rice. No Singaporean will just take the memory. No, no, no, they will eat it. And yet people eat the same food again and again, and this we only complain because their heart was wrong. It is not that bread is light, they have become light. There's no more glory in their lives so the estimation of Christ is no more there.

    Don't let the world suck you into a place, right, where Christ is no longer warm in your heart. Like Peter, he followed Jesus from afar long before he denied knowing Jesus. No, John was close to Jesus, amen, even at the foot of the cross. Don't let the world, you know, feed you with their garlic leeks and onions. It can't even satisfy them, how will it satisfy you, amen? And the things of the world can actually rob you of the revelation of Christ and how he is your bread, how he is your living water, how he is your sustenance, how he is your resurrection, how he is your light. The world can actually tell you, "We have light. Read this, read that". The occult are offering the light. The mystery of this, the mystery of that.

    I was sucked into that years ago before my teenage years, I was sucked into that, occultic teachings. Don't fall into all this, church. Feed on Christ alone. And drop down in verse 18, "And if any of the flesh of the sacrifice of his peace offering is eaten at all, on the third day", see third day? Now, go back again just now, the previous verse. Shall be eaten on the same day, right? But by the way, there's another offering called if I come to God with a vow, back then they have vows. We don't have vows today, amen. But the vow has the... you can eat the meat for two days. It's still fresh, okay, before Thanksgiving on the same day. And here it says what? On the third day, you cannot eat anymore. Any of the flesh, the sacrifice of his peace offering is, "And if any of the sacrifice is eaten at all on the third day, it shall not be accepted, nor shall it be imputed to him". But that tells me, shall be imputed to him.

    If I think the breast meat, the love of Jesus and I feed on the love of Jesus, something is imputed to me. If you partake of the Lord's body and you think about him loving you, that's why they have broken body, and you feed on his love, something is imputed to you. Do you see that, eating and the imputation? In this case it's negative. If you eat on the third day, it will not be accepted, nor shall it be imputed to him. Do you see that? Do you see or not? In other words, what about the third day? The third day is too far from the day it was sacrificed.

    In other words, stick close to the sacrifice. Keep the freshness, third day is too long already. Keep to the freshness of the revelation. Today you are refreshed. As you partake, we should partake the Lord's Supper here today at the end, right? Because the freshness is there. That's why I'm telling you when you partake after you hear the sermon, it's different. You see, even people get healed because they're in a place where the power of the Holy Spirit's freely flowing. That's the beauty of the church, people, and that's why we meet on Sunday. Don't say this is a, this is superstitious to meet on Sunday.

    Right, friend, Jesus rose on a Sunday, the first day of the week. The Jewish people, they work, work, work, work, and they rest on Shabbat, Saturday. All right, a new creation has come. In redemption, we enter into his rest the first day, and then we can work. Are you listening? And Jesus didn't appear to the disciples again until the next Sunday. They were by the Lake of Galilee and he walked, "Have you caught any fish"? Remember that? That's the next Sunday. Remember, he appears on Sunday to Sunday to Sunday, why? The teacher saw there's a special presence and manifestation when we come together on a Sunday.

    I know people say things like, "Sunday doesn't mean Sunday Christian". No, there's something special about Sunday when I see in the Scriptures. Thomas, one of his disciples meets one Sunday and became an unbelieving believer. So, one Sunday he didn't appear and Jesus appeared and they say that, "Hey, the Lord appeared to us and all that, I won't believe until I touch". You know, he didn't believe in the resurrection because he wasn't there on a Sunday. He's one of those, "Whether you do it Sunday, Monday, Tuesday doesn't matter, lah". It matters. And the next Sunday the Lord appeared and the Lord told Thomas, "Feel me, touch by hands, touch my scars". He says, "My Lord and my God".

    For those who tell you that Jesus is just a man, not God, listen to what Thomas said. And Jesus did not rebuke him, "My Lord and my God". Jesus is God as well as man. In the Book of Acts on the first day of the week, they came together to break bread. Acts 20, write it down, go back and read. On the first day of the week they came together to hear Paul. They had the best speaker in town. By the way, Paul was just passing through. Paul stayed there for one week and then broke bread on Sunday. Upon the first day of the week, they came together to hear Paul? No, to break bread. How far we have fallen from this. We come together to hear a speaker. We come together... no, their purpose they come together is to break bread. And my time is up, praise the Lord.

    Every head bowed, every eye closed all across this place. Friend, if you have never put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, let me tell you this, whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. He loves you, and he died on the cross for your sins. It's all born away. If you put your trust in him, it becomes effectual. It is imputed to you. It's no more out there. It is imputed to you the moment you put your trust in Christ, not just in God, in Christ, the Lord Jesus Christ. If that is you wherever you are right now, you're gonna pray this prayer to ensure that you're born again, your sins are forgiven, and resurrection life, abundant life, will now begin in your life. In Jesus's name if that is you, pray this prayer with me right now.

    Heavenly Father, I thank you for your love for me, for sending your Son Jesus Christ to die for my sins on that cross. I thank you all my sins, past, present, and future have all been remitted. They're all sent away and never to be remembered by you. Thank you, Father, Jesus Christ rose from the dead. He conquered death for me. I'm now in him because Jesus Christ is my Lord. Thank you, Father, in Jesus's name. And all the people said? Amen, amen, amen.

    Praise the Lord, stand to your feet. Have you been blessed? I've been blessed preaching to you, praise the Lord. And I want you to know that regardless of what is happening in the world today, right, do not get stuck and feed on the bad news, okay? Will you keep that in mind? That's your homework, feed on the good news, amen, or else you'll be very, very depressed, amen. People who counsel people in depression, sometimes they end up in depression because they're feeding on the counselee's problems. Make sure that you don't do that, amen. Counsel people but feed on his promises, feed on Jesus, amen. Lift your hands all across this place.

    This coming week, the Lord bless you, bless you and your loved ones. And the Lord keep you, preserve you, protect you, and your families from every danger, from the harmful effects of the haze, from every sickness, from depression, from fear, from all fears, and from all the powers of darkness. In the name of the Lord Jesus, the Lord make his face to shine on you, be favorable to you throughout this week, you and your loved ones, and the Lord grant you shalom wholeness and well being in your body. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and all the People said, amen.

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